Hey Everyone! It's Pat & Chris...

For years, we would kick back after a long day of making plant deliveries to florists all around Alabama. At the end of our routs we would link up at our Man Cave, kick back and have a few brews, talk about business, and how we could continue to grow. After 24 years of being in the wholesale plant industry we had a crazy idea... With no money coming in from our primary business because of the pandemic, we decided to convert our man cave into a retail plant store. It was the idea we needed to and stepped out on a leap of faith and change our situation. The Man Cave Market was born!

From the outside, The Man Cave Market might just look like a nursery, but when you walk in, it's probably not the kind of store you would expect. We told you this was 'Our Man Cave', well... that is exactly what you are walking into! We built this for us and our friends! Now, we are opening it up to you, our new friends! After our younger brother and sister had to go back to their lives once the pandemic started to lighten up. We had to bring in someone to help us run the day to day of our new venture. This is where the addition of our friend, Angela Corscadden comes in! We already knew of her creativity and drive to get things done, along with her 20 years experience in the plant industry, she is a creative force for sure! 

With over 60 years combined experience in the plant industry we hope to bring you the best plants for the best prices. The three of us are constantly collaborating with each other and coming up with new ideas and creative solutions to bring you good vibes when you come to visit, even if you don't buy anything. We would love to have you come hang out in one of our two lofts and work on homework or whatever... If you just want to come chill and listen to music, come on! 

We still kick back after our long days delivering plants and running The Man Cave Market, exchange new ideas while enjoying a few cold ones. Stop by and have one with us, on us! 

Events & Workshops
  • Drift Wood and Succulents
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Cullman, 17897 2nd Ave NW, Cullman, AL 35058, USA
    Come hang out and learn how to make a creative project with driftwood and succulents! Ticket price includes all materials needed to complete the project. We are looking forward to hanging out with you guys.